Short Sale Your South Bay Real Estate Today

Need to Sell Your House for Less Than You Owe? Xavier and Xavier will show you how you can sell your home, avoid foreclosure and erase your debt forever using a home selling strategy called a Real Estate Short Sale!

Xavier and Xavier with RE/MAX Estate Properties have extensive knowledge and experience assisting distressed homeowners in the South Bay list and sell their home for less than they owe, commonly known in the real estate industry as Short Sales! We help you prepare your short sale package to submit to your lender which consists of a hardship letter and financial worksheet and several other supporting documents which include bank statements, W2’s paycheck stubs and federal income tax returns. We started going after short sales in 2007 before any other agents in the South Bay knew what a short sale ewas and have successfully negotiated first and second lien releases from major lenders like Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Bank of America, Chase, Washington Mutual, Wells Fargo, Wachovia, Citi Mortgage, GMAC/Ally Bank and smaller regional banks like One West Bank and American Home Mortgage Servicing. We pride ourselves with listing your home on the local MLS “SOLD AS IS WITH NO REPAIRS” and also pre-market your home to our list of qualified investor and first time buyer clients! You pay nothing whatsoever and ALL our commission and ALL of your closing costs are paid by your lender at close of escrow! Our team is now partnered with Chase, Wells Fargo and Bank of America to assist their borrowers complete short sales and are trained to door knock these distressed homeowners and educate them on knowing their options to Avoid Foreclosure. We list the majority of these houses for pre-approved short sales and recently the banks are now offering you the homeowner a LARGE relocation allowance to cooperate in short selling your house for less than you owe and you can get a fresh start in life! Please contact us today for more detailed information on our proven and local short sale negotiation and loss mitigation team!